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Learn Medical 3D Printing.
Open Source software.
Industrial Commercial software.
Here are some video tutorials showing just how slow and cumbersome open source software and how complicated expensive industrial software can be.
Osirix (MAC users)
3D Slicer (PC users)
How to anonymise patient data from a CT scan.
Using DICOM Cleaner, DICOM Anonymizer or Osirix.
1. DICOM Cleaner (PC & MAC)
3. Osirix (MAC users)
Mimics (Materialise)
How to request a CT scan for 3D Printing.
Model accuracy is dependent on scan quality.
Ossa 3D
​​Download from the 
Apple App Store.
How to create 3D medical models of different tissues.
 Using the Hounsfield Unit (HU) Scale and Tissue Attenuation Threshold Values for CT scans.
2. DICOM Anonymizer (MAC users)
Download free DICOM file pack.
This file pack contains DICOM files of a CT pelvis to accompany the tutorial. The DICOM files have been anonymized and compressed into a zip file. Note: This dataset is exclusively available for research and teaching. You are not authorized to redistribute or sell, or use for commercial purposes.
DICOM Cleaner (Screenshot)