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View, Plan & Fabricate Medical Imaging in 3D.
3D printed medical models (replicas of human anatomy made from real patient scan data) are a powerful personalised patient care tool proven to augment treatment insights beyond that of traditional medical imaging for healthcare providers: allowing surgeons to plan and go into the operating room with greater confidence, reducing surgical time and cost, improving patient safety, understanding and satisfaction. 

Conceptualiz software eases the adoption of 3D printed medical models produced "in-house" or in-hospital at the point-of-care: a difficult process but a beneficial one providing immediate access to medical models without long lead times and dependency on expensive external service bureaus. Conceptualiz software does this by allowing healthcare providers, with no prior experience in 3D printing, to easily create accurate 3D digital models automatically from medical imaging data with the touch of a finger. The result is a precise 3D medical model created by the healthcare provider displaying the exact anatomical region of interest. Healthcare providers may then use these digital models to 3D plan surgeries and 3D print their surgical plan using low-cost desktop printers at the point of care.
"Now that we are able to 3D print a patient's joint we’re really able to see what we’re going to do in surgery when we do arthroscopy through small incisions."

3D printed models of patient anatomy provide additional information and understanding for surgeons, such as spatial position and scale, than can be appreciated from standard 2D/3D imaging on a computer screen; allowing healthcare providers to plan and perform better surgery in minimally invasive conditions such as arthroscopy where visibility is reduced.
-Dr. Ivan Wong, Orthopaedic Sports Surgeon, Canada.
Conceptualiz is a provider of automated mobile app 3D pre-operative surgical planning, medical modeling and 3D printing software for healthcare providers and hospitals of all sizes. Customers can choose between a complete end-to-end solution or individual modules consisting of automatic 3D digital model creation, intuitive 3D surgical planning, rapid 3D printing and easy-to-use custom implant design with the touch of a finger. For a free demo, contact us today.
At Conceptualiz, we're passionate about building innovative products that deliver value to the healthcare industry. Founded by a unique group of healthcare professionals and computer scientists we believe that the key to getting new technology into the hands of healthcare providers is through advances in human-computer interaction and user-centred design. We aim to challenge the idea of how 3D digital healthcare should be experienced and what kind of expertise it should take to use it. Get in touch today to learn more.