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Ossa 3D
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How It Works

Step 1. Anonymise and compress (.zip) your scan.
This can be done at source by radiology or by using open source software (see Tutorials).
No additional file conversions are required.

Step 2. Upload your scan to the OSSA 3D app on your iPad.
This is done via cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud are all supported).
OSSA 3D is password protected, encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Step 3. Create your 3D model instantly with the touch of a finger.
Create any anatomical region or tissue of interest by using our tissue threshold guide and select your automatic processing parameters (see Tutorials).
Edit your 3D model using our intuitive mesh editing tools to select your precise region of interest and remove unwanted objects and artifacts - optimizing print volume, time and cost.
No additional software editing steps are required.

Step 4. Export your accurate print-ready STL model and 3D print.
STL files are retrieved from your iPad via iTunes.
No additional software clean-up steps are required.
Our detailed polygonal models are highly accurate and have been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards.
Easily integrate your virtual 3D digital models into VR/AR platforms.

Additional virtual surgical planning features:

1. Simulate virtual surgical planning by using our intuitive mesh editing tools to cut, move, rotate or hide anatomical areas of interest. Possible applications include virtual osteotomies and fracture reduction.

2. Translate virtual surgical planning of custom implants into 3D printing using our unique sketch and sculpt tools which allow interactive doctor aided design of custom implants:
From natural 2D sketch input to 3D shape output in seconds.
Perfect custom fit.
Implants can be imported/exported for validation and printing.

Intuitive, Automatic and Accurate
Mobile-App Touch-screen User-interface.

The OSSA 3D mobile iPad app is an easy-to-use and end-to-end medical 3D printing software solution for converting CT scans (DICOM) into accurate virtual 3D printable models (STL)

              OSSA 3D replaces difficult, slow and cumbersome open source software and expensive industrial software alternatives. It allows anyone, with no prior experience in 3D printing, to quickly and easily create accurate digital 3D anatomical models from medical imaging data.
A simple and beautiful touch-screen user-interface
designed to be used by anyone.
"it's the quickest part of the whole process"
-Research assistant.
Why choose OSSA 3D iPad2Print?
Conceptualiz consistently out performs the competition.
 Easily and rapidly turn medical scans into 3D printable models with the 
touch of a finger.
intuitive natural interaction.
direct manipulation of elements.
instinctive gestures.

No experience is required:
minimal learning curve for doctors.

more efficient for doctors.

More portable:
more accessible for doctors.

Why do we believe so much in mobile touch-screen user-interface?
> because it allows you to place 3D printing directly 
into the hands of doctors and patients.
The In-House Medical 3D Printing Company.
End-to-end 3D model creation 
covering all model preparation steps.
medical 3D printing software
Mobile-App Touch-screen User-interface
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